Cabling & Bracing

Helping Storm Damaged Trees 

Trees that have been split can sometimes be saved by temporary tree cabling and bracing. We say “sometimes” because it’s not a guaranteed process. Cabling and bracing are more of a "Band-Aid" on a tree's larger issue - that it's experiencing a deep split. 

But often, residents who want to save their trees want to try cabling and bracing as a first option. At Precision, we use Cobra tree bracing for storm damaged tree repair in Minnesota, and we have done it for over 30 years on all types of trees. While you can see the system visually, it’s fairly subtle. Although results are not guaranteed, we have seen trees successfully saved by this technique.

We Can Help 

If you’re considering tree cabling, Minneapolis and St.Paul area homeowners or businesses can request a free bid. We can take a look at your situation and advise you on the best route to take.