Cabling & Bracing

Protect Weak Trees

Cables and braces are structural supports intended to prevent weak branches and trunks from falling. Thunder, lightning, wind, and snow are all forces that can cause a weak tree to collapse. 

Cables are made of high-strength steel and are attached to bolts installed in the upper crown of a tree. They are intended to limit the movement of the supported branches so they are less likely to fail during storms. 

Braces are rods that are installed through unions of weak branches and multiple stems to provide more rigid support from torsional (twisting) forces that can occur in violent weather.

Repair Storm-Damaged Trees 

Cables and braces may be applied to weak trees that are in danger of falling during a storm or used following a storm to help trees that were hit.

After a storm, individual safety is the first priority. Damaged trees can fall, split, or bring power lines to the ground.

These support systems should only be installed following an inspection by a certified arborist. Schedule a free consultation and an expert inspection today as this will go a long way in determining the best option for your damaged tree.

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