Land Clearing

Experts in Tree Care and Cultivation

We work with construction companies, road builders, excavators, city officials, and farmers to completely or selectively remove trees and stumps from the land. As experts in tree care and cultivation, we strive to do the best thing for the environment in each situation. By applying our extensive knowledge of forest management to each specific situation, we help landowners make responsible, environmentally-friendly choices about their tree clearing that will be most advantageous for the trees, land, and landowners alike.

Responsible, Low-Impact Clearing

We undergo a clean, responsible, and low-impact logging process for landowners who need us to clear an area for a specific purpose, such as a construction site or farmland. While most people see this as bulldozing or leveling land with no regard for the ecosystem, we strive to clear the land with care for the trees, soil, and environment.

Our machines are equipped with rubber tires and wide tracks in order to have minimal compacting on the soil. After logging the timber, we can grind the stumps, and afterward, all of the timber will become high-grade logs or biofuel for burning at energy plants. Once we've finished the tree clearing, we haul everything away ourselves. When we leave the site, we make sure that the land is 100% ready for your project. There will be no mess to clean up when we are done.

Selectively Remove Trees and Stumps

We work with landowners wishing to clear timber from portions of their Midwest property and can give expert advice on what to do. Some common projects include:

  • Farmers wishing to expose crops to full sunlight by removing trees along the border of a field.
  • Farmers with old trees at the end of their cycle.
  • Hunters that are interested in creating food plots for deer or clear an opening for a deer stand.Landowners who want to cut a trail for a tractor through their wooded land.

In addition, we often advise landowners to leave dead or dying trees that may benefit wildlife, such as woodpeckers, salamanders, or nematodes, or trees that will break down into material for the soil.

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