Tree Trimming

Professional Tree Trimming

Pruning influences the way a tree grows and ensures that a tree will grow in a way that is ideal for its structure. Regular pruning is essential in making sure that your trees grow properly. Tree trimming services in the Twin Cities.

Every tree is different and some may need more care than others. We recommend pruning newly-planted trees every year to ensure proper form and strength. Older, more mature trees may only need pruning every five years. Depending on the species of the tree, we suggest a three to five-year pruning cycle for the best tree health. 

The best way to determine the amount of care your tree needs is to consult one of our certified arborists.

Keep Your Trees Healthy

If a tree is not pruned on a regular basis, its health, appearance, and structure will suffer. Neglected trees can grow to hit electrical lines or develop large limbs that become dangerous in strong weather conditions. They can also impose safety hazards, such as falling branches.

When To Prune

Light pruning and the removal of deadwood can be done anytime. Otherwise, here are some guidelines on when you should prune.

We Can Help

Precision's certified arborists are happy to help! We offer professional pruning services in the Twin Cities area. Contact us today to learn more.

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