Landscape Supplies

High-Quality Material

Instead of discarding the wood from trees, we recycle the product into high-quality landscaping materials. Whether you need 5 yards or 140 yards, we can deliver bulk landscape supplies to your home, business or school at affordable prices. You are also welcome to schedule and pick up your landscape supplies from our North Branch or Minneapolis locations.

Precision Play Mulch

Perfect for playgrounds, parks, and schools, this wood fiber mulch is engineered to create a safe playing environment. Certified by the IPMEA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association), this mulch is soft enough to cushion falls but solid enough for safe walking and mobility devices.

Premium Ground Hardwood Mulch

Our premium ground hardwood mulch is made from northern hardwoods and aged to last longer than other mulches. Customers can select single ground mulch which will look more like wood chips; or double ground mulch which will look more like dirt, but with small wood chips mixed in. Premium ground hardwood mulch has no color, dye, or treatments. Mulch is a great way to give your lawn a clean and finished look while discouraging weed growth, moderating soil temperatures, reducing surface evaporation, and improving soil structure through decomposition.

Top Soil

Our high-quality topsoil is pulverized, screened, and ready for use. It is infused with wood fibers, making it some of the best, nutrient-rich topsoil you can find.

Landscape Supplies Calculator

Don’t end up with too much or too little for your next project. Enter your project details and we’ll let you know how much to order.

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*A mulch layer of 3 inches is recommended for effective coverage.

If you have a question or you are interested in our landscape supplies, give us a call at (651)-484-2726 or send us a message. We proudly serve Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas.

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