When you think of a tree, you think of solid, sturdy, structures that provide shade and aid our planet with their presence. They start small and mature with time. But as they mature their branches and limbs can become so heavy that the trunk cannot support their weight. This causes stress on the trunk and puts it at risk of falling, leading to injury, property damage, and even irreparable damage to the tree.

Also, some trees have multiple trunks--growing in a direction that moves further away from one another. Multi-trunked trees are V-shaped or U-shaped and have a split, creating a weak area on the tree. A common way for trees to become multi-trunked is from storms or age.

Whether trees are multi-trunked or just too heavy for their own good, cabling by a professional arborist can help maintain the structural integrity of a tree. It is a method to stabilize an established tree that is growing in an unsustainable manner.

Goals Of Tree Cabling

To keep a tree healthy

A tree with a compromised trunk or branch is like a human having a cut on their skin. In the same way that an “open wound” provides an entrance point for bacteria and infection, for a tree, it is an entrance point for harmful fungi to enter. Proper cabling can help a tree close the “open wound” and keep it healthy.

To preserve a tree’s appearance

Limbs on large, established trees will grow in various directions. If a tree loses a major limb, it will appear unbalanced and nonsymmetrical. Through the use of cabling, a tree can maintain its appearance.

To protect people

Oftentimes, trees adorn walkways or public spaces. If a large, unstable branch is hanging over a sidewalk, it poses a risk to people using the sidewalk. Securing that branch with cabling will provide protection to those on the sidewalk and “buy time” until a better remedy is determined. When a tree is properly cabled, it will have stability over the long haul. Cables encourage trees to grow in the right direction and stabilize them so a strong anchoring system can be established without the danger of the tree falling.

Does your tree need cabling?

Trees are attractive, desired, and can add value to your property, so the cost of keeping them healthy and safe is a good investment. If you think a tree is in danger of falling or is carrying more of a weight burden than it can bear, get in touch with Precision Landscape & Tree. One of our trained arborists can provide a free inspection and make a determination if cabling is the best option.