Stump Removal & Grinding

Why Remove Tree Stumps?
Tree stump removal in the Twin Cities

  • ο Take up valuable yard space
  • ο Attract insects
  • ο Reduce curb appeal
  • ο Cause new tree growth
  • ο Hazardous 

Precision Landscape & Tree can help with your tree stump removal needs. 

We offer effective tree-stump grinding and give you the option to refill the topsoil allowing for space to plant a new tree. We have several different sizes of stump grinders allowing us to grind every kind of stump. 

Precision Tree turns the stumps into wood chips for biofuel.

Wondering why tree stump removal is a good idea? Check out our article "Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps."

Controlling Stump Regrowth 

Stumps can also be sprayed to control for buckthorn and other regeneration. The spray attacks the vascular system of the tree, preventing growth. Call us today at 651-484-2726 or contact us.