Residential Tree Services

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Trees are a valuable, precious investment that provides homeowners with beauty and enjoyment for years and years. But, trees also require care such as pruning, treatment for diseases, and sometimes complete removal. We provide quality tree service. Whether they are sick or healthy, trees need skilled, expert care and maintenance by people who know how to safely handle them. 

Expert Arborists

Highly skilled in both timber management and tree care, Precision Landscape & Tree provides residential tree services all over the Twin Cities -- from the initial tree planting to the removal of a dead, diseased tree. What’s more, we stand up for trees. Our goal is to save them when we can and to cut them down when the conditions call for it. We want what’s best for the tree, the homeowner, and the wallet.

If you have questions about a specific residential tree service or situation, we’d be happy to talk to you about it. Also, check out our helpful tree care tips.

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