Want To Cut Down Your Own Tree?

The Dangers of Cutting Down a Tree

Watch out below! Trees fall. They can fall on you, your car, or your house. Or worse, your neighbor’s car or house. You could potentially fall too, being so high up on a ladder trimming branches. No one wants that! It takes a true professional to remove a tree safely. They have the equipment to ensure a safe tree removal process. They have cranes, hard hats, climbing spurs, saddles, harnesses, goggles, gloves, and ear protection. Along with knowledge and technique. For example, did you know that hacking at the base of the tree until it falls isn’t the proper technique? Most arborists chop down the tree and limbs in manageable sections so they can be transported and chopped easily. Another huge part about chopping down a tree is the main tool used for it, the chainsaw. Assuming you know how a chain saw works and how to use it is dangerous. No one wants to lose a limb! The chainsaw could potentially fall on you, or hit you, while you are in the process of cutting down a tree. The pros, on the other hand, have nylon pants that can jam chainsaws.

Don’t Risk It

There are do-it-yourself videos out there, but that doesn’t mean you really should do-it-yourself. Tree removal is a bit more serious than making your own birdbath. A professional arborist can safely take a 40-foot tree in one to two hours. They also have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to ensure the job will get done correctly. Also, you shouldn’t go around chopping down any tree you feel like it. Deforestation is real and is a threat to many places. An arborist will be able to help you decide which tree should be taken down and how it should be taken down. There are other methods like injections or cabling that are excellent alternatives. A professional will also help you will removing the tree off of your property and offer advice on a better tree to take its place. So keep your limbs, ladder, car, house, and surrounding neighbors intact and search for a professional to help you with removing a tree.


 Photo Credit: http://www.clker.com/clipart-156736.html