Landscaping, gardening, and proper tree care.

Plenty. Keep reading for all the details.

Fluctuating temperatures can usher in severe storms. Your household may be prepared for severe storms with flashlights, a radio, non-perishable food items, and blankets. However, there is not much preparation you can do to protect your yard. 

Did you know that strategically planting trees and shrubs on your property can save you up to 25 percent in energy bills by reducing air conditioning and fuel costs year-round? Keep reading for tips on smart landscaping.

What types of trees do you have in your yard? It’s hard to care for a tree if you don’t know exactly what it is. It seems that trees are lower on the totem pole when it comes to general knowledge of things. But that is okay! Elms, oaks, and ash trees are abundant. They all have specific characteristics and diseases they are prone to. So take a look at your tree and read on to get to know your trees better.

Planting a new tree is more than just digging a hole and adding something to the earth. A tree is a long-term investment. It’s part of the overall curb appeal of your home, it can provide shade and energy savings, and trees are also an incredibly important part of our ecosystem.

Tired of the woods on your land or looking for a little extra money? The trees in your woods could be a gold mine if you have certain trees that are in high demand.  However, there are a few things to watch out for.

Now that summer is in full swing, make sure you're giving your fruit trees the proper care they need. From pruning to proper watering, keep reading to see what you should be doing.

Chopping down a tree isn’t as easy as it looks. Don’t become another video on America’s Funniest Home Videos as your tree crashes down on your house. It won’t be very fun for you. There are many things that can potentially go wrong when you try to remove a tree on your own. We want you to have all of your limbs, so consider a professional before you do it yourself.