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The cankerworm is a caterpillar of the North American moth that has wingless females. These pests feast on buds and leaves of trees. Normally small numbers of cankerworms are present every year, but on occasion, large outbreaks can occur. When this happens they cause significant defoliation of a variety of deciduous landscape and forest trees.

There are many benefits to putting mulch around your trees. Learn why and how you should put in mulch here.

After a storm, it can be hard to decide which trees are ok to stay and which ones need to go. A tree that is too far gone can be dangerous to your family and property if it were to fall later. It is best to get the damage assessed immediately so you can get help from a professional and insurance if possible. Here are some tips for getting the best assessment after a storm hits.

Precision Landscape and Tree takes pride in the amount of certifications that we possess. To help you understand what we specialize in, here is a breakdown of the many certifications we have earned.

Oak wilt, caused by a fungus called Ceratocystis Fagacearum, is the cause of death for many trees in Minnesota. The Oak wilt fungus spreads from diseased trees to healthy trees either below ground through roots or aboveground by insects.

If you have a tree on your property, it is good to know the signs of a dying one so you can give it the care it needs before it’s too late. To help you understand the process, read these signs that tell you a tree is dying.

A wind storm comes through your city and knocks down your neighbor's tree onto your home. You don’t want to cause problems with your neighbor, but you need to get this fixed. So who pays the damage?

The common Buckthorn is a tree that looks innocent but can take over oak forests, savannas, prairies, and riparian woods. Without proper control, buckthorn is a significant threat.