Plant for Efficiency

A well-placed tree can reduce home heating and cooling costs. Figure out where the sun hits your home and then consider different tree options to achieve energy efficiency. A deciduous tree placed on the south, southeast, or southwest side of your house can provide considerable shade and natural cooling during the summer months. In the winter, the same tree will lose its leaves and the sun will shine through to warm the house. An evergreen tree that is planted to the north or northwest side of your home can help block winter winds. This will redirect wind patterns around the structure and reduce energy costs.

Plant for Aesthetics What to Consider When Planting a Tree

Every tree has its own characteristics and planting based on those characteristics will enhance the landscape in different ways. For example, an oak tree is huge, imposing, open, and drops acorns on an annual basis. An apple tree, on the other hand, is small, prunable, dense, doesn’t drop acorns, and can provide a scrumptious snack. Regardless of the tree you plant, consider its characteristics as it will provide long-term benefits.

Plant to Create an Ecosystem

Not only when you plant a tree do you change the visible landscape, but you also impact the local ecosystem. Trees provide habitat and invite squirrels, birds, and many other creatures that are looking for a healthy home. Below the ground, the roots of the tree affect the ecosystem by preventing runoff and erosion by holding the soil together. And with more trees, regional water quality improves.

Plant for Safety

When planting a tree in your yard, it is never a great idea to obstruct the entry points of your home. A large tree or shrub that blocks the front door is uninviting to your guests. It also creates natural concealment for the uninvited guests that may linger at your door and pursue unwanted entry.

Plant for Yourself What to Consider When Planting a Tree

Nature is often credited for its positive and mood-altering properties. Studies show that five minutes spent looking at a tree reduces your blood pressure and muscle tension. Keep this in mind when planting your next tree. Perhaps it should go in a place where you can see it, like outside of a bay window.

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Plant for the Future

Some of us will be remembered for the great things we accomplished while on planet earth. Some of us will create things that are cherished by future generations. Some of us will revolutionize a process to simpler, more modern terms. But anyone can make an enduring mark by planting a tree. It is easy, simple, and one of the most beautiful ways to give something enjoyable and beneficial to humanity and to future generations.

Take these considerations and get planting! If you aren’t sure where to start, Precision Landscape and Tree knows that tree planting can be a frustrating process. Among the hundreds of tree and shrub species to choose from combined with different soil types and various sun/shade needs, choosing a tree that remains healthy and with lasting benefits can be overwhelming. Trees are an investment, so do it right with a free visit from a certified arborist to make a recommendation for the right kind of tree for you to plant.

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