There are many positives that come from using mulch around your trees, but we have come up with a few that we think are worth noting.

house with mulch

Some of the benefits of mulch include:

  • Insulates the soil so there is less of a dramatic change in temperature
  • Retains water/ slows down evaporation
  • Deters weeds from growing
  • Reduces lawn mower damage to the tree
  • Prevents soil compaction
  • Gives contrast to your yard design
  • Makes your landscaping look sharp and finished
  • Feeds the organisms in the soil
  • Prevents erosion
  • Protects the roots of the tree
  • Promotes insects like earthworms to hang out in the soil

How To Properly Put Mulch Around Your Trees

mulch around trees

  1. Remove grass, debris, sticks, and weeds from the desired diameter around the tree. The mulch should extend to the drip line of the tree
  2. Choose a color and type of mulch
  3. Rake the area around the tree so that it is an even surface
  4. Pour wood chips or bark pieces 2-4 inches deep, evenly around the circle so that it does not suffocate the tree
  5. Keep the mulch about 2 inches from the trunk of the tree so that they do not touch. When mulch covers the tree bark, it can suffocate the tree and cause it to rot.

If there is already old mulch around your trees, you should rake through it every once in awhile to make sure that it is not matted down. If it is beyond raking through, you should remove it all and follow the process above. You should replenish your mulch at least once a year to ensure it is protecting your trees and doesn’t grow mold.

For Best Results:

rake mulch

  • Mulch in mid to late spring to give the soil a chance to warm
  • Use a rake to get an even layer around your area
  • Use organic mulch to give the most nutrients to the soil
  • Buy mulch in bulk to avoid additional costs and poor material
  • Rake through your mulch once a month to create better drainage and avoid fungus
  • Add plastic edging before applying mulch to keep a clean, perfect circle
  • Ask the landscape supply company which mulch is most appropriate for your project
  • Use a material calculator to determine how much mulch you need 
  • Contrary to what you might think, do not lay landscaping fabric or plastic underneath your mulch

Overall, it is best for your trees health to put mulch around it using the best techniques.