We all know that trees are essential to our daily lives and our ecosystem. They give us oxygen, clean the air, provide food and shelter, and add beauty to our communities. But, did you know that they can actually make you happier?

Studies show that greener areas are growing happier, healthier people. According to Psychology Today, these studies have shown that plants and trees can be helpful in a number of settings, and have been known to:

-Lower blood pressure (systolic)

-Improve reaction times

-Increase attentiveness

-Improve attendance (at work and school)

-Raise productivity (at work)

-Improve well-being

-Improve perceptions of the space

-Lower levels of anxiety during recovery from surgery

-Raise job satisfaction

Also, a study from the Netherlands in stated: “There is increasing evidence for a positive relation between green space in people’s living environment and self-reported indicators of physical and mental health.” Researchers found that individuals with a higher percentage of green space within a 1 kilometer radius in the immediate vicinity of their postal code had a lower prevalence of 15 of 24 disease clusters. In addition, some studies have even found that communities with more trees have a lower crime rate.

The bottom line? Trees are beautiful. Trees are helpful. Trees can make a difference.

Arbor Day recently passed us by, but that doesn’t mean that tree planting season is over. Consider planting some new trees at home or in your community to keep the happiness growing.

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