Do you have an annoying stump in your backyard? Tree stumps are an eyesore and a pain to maneuver around. You can rent a grinder for $100-$200 a day, so if you have the time and DIY skills to do it, renting could be a cost-effective option. 


The grinder size found at most rental places is a 25-hp engine with a 16-in.-diameter cutting wheel that has 16 forged-steel teeth. This is a powerful machine that will work for most jobs. Make sure that you ask the rental store to explain the machine to you before you leave with the grinder. If you do not have a truck that can pull 1,000 pounds, most rental companies will drop it off at your home for an additional charge.

Do not forget this first step, it is a Minnesota law.

Call Gopher State One Call at 651-454-0002 at least 48 hours in advance to make ensure you will not hit anything dangerous while digging. Safety first!


First, and the most important tip for using a stump grinder; ALWAYS wear safety goggles, ear plugs, and operate the machine with safety. Look out for people nearby or approaching and unplug the machine when you are not using it. Operate the machine from the control panel so that you are protected from the wheel at all times.

Next, you will want to make sure that you clear all rocks from the area. Rocks can dull the wheel or they could fly out and injure someone so be sure to thoroughly check the area.

To speed up the stump removal process, cut the stump with a chainsaw as close to the ground as you can get it. This is an optional step but it will make the process easier.

Grinding a Stump

  1. Use the lever to place the wheel a few inches above the stump.

  2. Move the machine so the wheel is directly above the front of the stump.

  3. Turn on the wheel and lower it so that it is about 3 inches into the stump.

  4. Use the lever to move the wheel from side to side, grinding away at the stump until you are 4 inches into the ground. Do not force the grinder into the stump, instead, gently let it grind away the top layer and move on.

  5. Move the machine forward and repeat the previous two steps.

  6. Continue to move the machine forward in small increments until the stump is completely gone and you have a hole four inches deep.

  7. Next, move on to the exposed roots and follow the same steps to make sure that the tree is completely removed.

  8. Rake away the wood chips and fill the hole with topsoil.

  9. Put down grass seed and rake again to get the seeds into the soil.

  10. Water the area and wait for growth.

How to Dispose of the Leftover Wood Chips

If you do not have a use for the wood chips, there are many places in town that will take them free of charge. Ask local nurseries or neighbors if they need them for anything. Otherwise, you can compost them or there are recycling centers that will get rid of them for a small charge. 

Need help grinding a stump? Contact the stump removal and grinding experts. We provide free bids for the Twin Cities area. Give us a call today! (651) 401-1123


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