Landscaping, gardening, and proper tree care.

Feel like you will never see green grass again? Don’t worry- you will, and while you are waiting in the dead of winter for spring you can actually get a head start on your yard! The winter is the best time to care for your trees removal and pruning. Most trees are dormant and sleeping away from the winter so it is the optimal time to remove them or trim them up. It is also easier for you, your arborists, and the trees. So peer out into the snowy abyss and inspect your trees, do they need any attention?

As the seasons change, how are your trees looking outside? Are they overgrown? Do they have any dying or dead branches? Trees don’t usually require a large amount of care and attention. However, as your trees continue to grow, they may need some trimming. Pruning a tree is like a haircut, it keeps them healthy and looking good. Pruning is also a fairly simple task. However, don’t go chopping away just yet! There are many factors that go into pruning that you might not know.

Is your chainsaw so dull it couldn’t even cut butter? Well, we have the directions and tips to give that chainsaw its bite back. Chainsaws make jobs easier and less time consuming unless your saw is sluggish.  Learning how to sharpen your own chainsaw can extend the chain’s life and save you some money. So get your toolbox out and let's get sharpening!

As the seasons change and we hunker down for winter, we take many precautions. We get our annual flu shot, plastic wrap our windows, and put away the lawnmower. However, have you ever thought about your trees? Ash trees, in particular, need some tender love and care. The emerald ash borer is a type of beetle that arrived in the U.S. in 2002. Since then the beetles have spread exponentially and have destroyed millions of ash trees.