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Oak trees are majestic. They are strong. They are heavy (ask our groundsmen!). They are versatile. Oak tree are among the best deciduous trees for our cold climate. Different kinds of oaks can be found throughout Minnesota and most of them are native to our soils and climate.

From Swamp White to Red, we see oak trees all of the time. We thought we'd share a nice infographic with you bringing some cool facts about oak trees to you!

Watch Out! An Invasive Pest Could Be Headed Your Way

As the seasons change and we hunker down for winter, we take many precautions. We get our annual flu shot, plastic wrap our windows, and put away the lawn mower. However, have you ever thought about your trees? Ash trees in particular need some tender love and care. The emerald ash borer is a type of beetle that arrived in the U.S. in 2002. Since then the beetles have spread exponentially and have destroyed millions of ash trees. Treating your beautiful tree is fairly easy and should be done before you set up those Christmas lights!