Winter Packs a Punchice on a tree branch

Along with winter and early spring comes snow and ice. Most trees will be okay with the burden of natural snow but any extra snow could potentially break branches. So be aware of snow plows, shoveling, and snow coming off of your roof and falling down. Don’t wait until the snow is very deep to remove it from your trees and shrubs. When it comes to ice, let it be! Other than that, your trees and shrubs should fend for themselves naturally. Pruning is needed too, so damaged branches can be removed, and so the tree or shrub can have a healthy start in the spring. When the spring has sprung, which seems like forever from now, let things melt like normal and try to remove extra water.

Perfect Time For Pruning

A forest tree doesn’t need pruning for healthy growth, but trees in yards do. It is best to do your pruning in the winter or early spring. Pruning a tree gives it better circulation and eliminates dead or overgrown branches. It also can get rid of limbs that are dangerously close to things like your house or power lines. Trimming also comes in handy if your tree is too big or not looking how you would like it to look. Doing this during the tree’s dormancy allows for a super fertile and beautiful spring. So if you love your tree and want to ensure a long and happy life, consider pruning it this winter. It is also easier for the arborists too. They can see the dangerous or dying limbs easier because there is less foliage. Also, remember to never prune in the fall!

Removing Trees is a Breeze 

Another great thing to do in this winter wonderland is to remove a tree entirely. If a tree could possibly create a lot of damage to your house or walkways, it is usually cheaper to remove it now before anything gets worse. Another reason people chose to remove a tree is because it is dying or diseased without hope. Then you can remove the tree in the winter and perhaps consider planting a new one in the spring. The last common reason for removing a tree is if the person just doesn’t like the look or placement of the tree and wants to plant a different one. These are all major reasons for getting rid of a tree and the best time to do it is during their dormant winter.

Even if you have plans to prune and remove trees in the spring, consider the winter for an easier process. The cold weather is your friend when you need lawn care. The ground is harder so any heavy machines won’t hurt your lawn or garden one bit. Also, any trees pruned in the winter will be healthier for the spring. You can usually get a great deal in the winter with a tree removal service since it’s their off-season. So, consider making changes to your trees this winter. That way when that green grass finally does come, you will have a brand new healthy landscape.


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