Minnesota is not only known as the land of 10,000 lakes but also for being home to beautiful Norway pines -- the state tree.

Norway pines are one of 52 native trees in Minnesota. Here are some fun facts about our beloved state tree:

  1. The Norway pine doesn’t have anything to do with Norway. In most areas, this tree is known as red pine, but it may have gotten its “Minnesota” name from English settlers who thought it resembled the Norwegian scotch pine. Others think it took on its name from Norway, Maine, which is another area rich with red pines that settlers would’ve seen.

  2. The tree gets its name from its reddish-brown, scaly bark.

  3. Minnesota is the only state to refer to the red pine as a Norway pine.

  4. The Norway pine became Minnesota’s state tree in 1953.

  5. Norway or Red Pine is self-pruning. It’s rare to see dead branches on the trees. Also, some older trees may have long lengths of branchless trunk space below the canopy.\

  6. This tree is also very resistant to disease and insects.

  7. More Norway pines have been planted in Minnesota than any other tree, and the tree is important to the lumber industry.

  8. The red pine has a moderate growth rate and will normally reach a mature height of 75 feet, but can exceed 100 feet under optimal conditions.

  9. Itasca State Park, home of the Mississippi River headwaters, is the best place to see beautiful red pines as the park features about 5,000 acres of them. Also, some of the oldest red pines can be found here.

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Correction: This article previously stated the Norway pine was not an evergreen tree and cited the Minnesota DNR. This was a mistake and it has been corrected.