Timber Management

Tree Clearing

Trusted tree-cutting by expert arborists

Every portion of the trees we clear will be used and sold to Minnesota companies. From the trunk to the treetop, nothing goes to waste. No tree is garbage to us. If a landowner wants to get rid of the majority of his trees, we will make good use of the wood. If a landowner wants to keep a certain species of trees and remove the “low quality” trees, we can do a selective species harvest and make use of every portion of the wood.

What happens to the trees that are removed?

After consulting with and advising the tree owner, we undergo the tree removal process. Our goal is to help landowners responsibly manage and cultivate the best of their trees, removing trees that are past their prime. If a landowner is not sure which trees to keep or get rid of, we can advise them in the best route to take. We like to see it as “managing” the land, not clear-cutting until there’s nothing left. 

When we've cut down the selected trees, we can perform a tree stump removal to provide a clean landscape ready for your next project or planting. Once the selected trees have been removed, we create saw logs from the highest quality trees, like Red Oak, and biofuels and biomass from the least merchantable trees, like Box Elder. We supply every major biomass company in Minnesota with our biofuels.

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