Stump Removal & Grinding

Get Rid of Those Ugly Stumps

A tree stump left in the yard can stump even the savviest homeowner! Tree stumps can be expensive to remove, but they're also an annoyance to mow around, take up valuable yard space, attract insects and do nothing for your curb appeal. But, have no fear. Precision Landscape & Tree can help with your tree stump removal needs.

We do effective tree stump grinding, getting the stump out all the way down to the roots, and refilling the topsoil so you can plant a new tree if you’d like. We can also just grind the stump and let you go from there. We have several different sizes of stump grinders to grind every kind of stump. 

Precision Tree also puts the wood from the stumps to good use by turning them into wood chips for biofuel. 

Wondering why tree stump removal is a good idea? Check out our article "Why You Should Remove Tree Stumps."

Controlling Stump Regrowth 

If the stump’s presence doesn’t bother you, we can spray it to control for buckthorn and other regeneration that you want to avoid. The spray will attack the vascular system of the tree so nothing can grow.