Tree Trimming Services

Professional Pruning

Like humans, each tree is different. Some need more care, some need little care. The best way to determine what amount of care your tree needs is to have a certified arborist take a look at it. Newly planted trees may need to be pruned every year to obtain proper form and strength. Old mature trees may only need to be pruned every five years. We proudly serve Minneapolis, St.Paul, and the surrounding suburbs. 

Keep Your Trees Healthy

Tree trimming helps trees live long, healthy lives, but it can be a hassle and sometimes dangerous for many residents, especially on very tall or large trees. Not all trees naturally grow nice and straight - some species are used to growing wild in the woods and may need corrective pruning in order to look just right. If a tree is not properly pruned on a regular basis, it can suffer healthwise, look bad, and even become dangerous to homeowners. Trees left unpruned can grow to hit electrical lines or develop large limbs that will become a hazard in rough weather.

Depending on the species of trees a homeowner has, we recommend between a three and five-year pruning cycle for best tree health.

We Can Help

Precision's certified arborists are happy to help! Our experts will properly trim your trees while keeping safety in mind. Contact us today to learn more about our Twin Cities tree pruning service.