Tree Planting Services

Your Local Tree-Planting Experts

Tree planting sounds pretty easy, but actually, it can be a frustrating process for homeowners. We’ve seen many homeowners try to “go it alone,” choosing trees for their yard, only to experience problems down the line with having chosen the wrong type. We have the professional expertise based on years of local experience to ensure that your planted trees thrive for years to come! Whether you are in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the surrounding area, Precision will help you find the perfect tree for your yard.

How We Help

Our tree planting services can help you plant healthy trees and shrubs the right way:

Choosing the right plant for your site conditions. There are hundreds of tree and shrub species to choose from. Based on the type of soil you have, and the balance of sun and shade an area gets, we can advise you on which species will perform well in a given area. 

Choosing the ideal spot to plant. You wouldn’t want to plant a tree that grows extremely tall underneath a power line, for example.

Planting correctly. From digging a deep enough hole to ensure best root growth to fertilization, you want to plant your tree correctly. Even removing the packaging improperly can cause trouble. Some species can be very sensitive, and you want to make sure that the tree is ideally established for the long run.

Ready to Plant?

If you're a homeowner who'd like to plant a tree, remember the long-term value of your investment. Trees are not cheap, and you want to do it right so that the tree survives for many years. Not every yard is the right home for an Oak or a Maple. We would be happy to make a visit to your lawn, survey the site's conditions, and make a recommendation for exactly the right kind of tree based on our vast experience with tree planting in Minnesota. Then we'll come back and take care of the whole planting process for you - so you don't have to worry about making any mistakes.