Check to see if the scene is safe and everyone is okay. Trees often times clip power lines on their way down, which is a huge hazard! Treat the scene with extreme caution.


If the tree didn’t cause any damage:

Call your local tree company to remove it for you OR you can remove the tree with your own equipment.

  • Don’t hire a person who is knocking door to door in your neighborhood. A professional company won’t do that. Make sure the tree company you hire has certified arborists.

  • Make sure to get the company’s bid in writing before they leave.


If the tree caused damage:

Call emergency services if needed.

Call your insurance agency.

You will need to get an adjuster out to your property right away. Both of you should take pictures of the scene. If possible, have the tree company and insurance agent there at the same time. This allows them to sign the documents they both need to proceed.

If the tree fell on your home and resulted in significant structural damage, a contractor will need to come by and secure your home. They will board up your roof & home. At this point, you may want to take some valuables out of your home to be safe.


What if the tree damage is from your neighbor?20097983 s

Your neighbor is responsible for the damage if you’ve brought their attention to the tree as a potential hazard, and they didn’t do anything to reduce the threat. No matter whose fault it is, your insurance company will take care of repairing your home first.


What if my tree falls on the neighbor's property?

Don’t clean anything up yet. Talk to your neighbor. They should contact their insurance company and then their agent will contact you. You could be at fault if the tree was in poor condition prior to the fall.


Prevent trees from falling

The best thing you can do when your tree looks like a fall hazard is to call your local tree care company (like us!). A certified arborist will be able to tell you right away if the tree needs to be removed, treated, or cabled. This way you don’t have a large liability on your property.